Top rated air mattress to watch out for

Top rated air mattress to watch out for

Choosing a wrong mattress can bring in more discomfort than you may imagine. If you are looking for an air mattress to be used in hospitals or for someone at home, it is crucial to make an informed choice. Here is the list of three best air mattresses that are ideal for patients.

Therapeutic 5-zone support mattress
This air mattress is divided into sections. Instead of having a consistent level of firmness all over, a zoned mattress gives variable levels of support to different parts of the patient’s body. The area below the hip region is firmer because the hips are the heaviest area of a human body and require additional support. In contrast, the shoulder blades bulge out more, so the mattress is softer in that area. The primary advantages of this air mattress have been listed below.

  • Long-term firmness of the mattress
  • Waterproof
  • Vapor penetrable for breathability
  • Not easily susceptible to fire
  • Hardy foam base is cross cut to avert shear.
  • Sturdy nylon cover, which prevents friction
  • Weight capacity up to 350 pounds

ROHO prodigy mattress overlay system
This air mattress is made from fire-resistant polyvinyl. It measures 81.75”x36”x2.5” and gives coziness, and protects the wounds of patients suffering from Stage I or II decubitus ulcers.Some of its advantages include:

  • Quickly inflatable
  • Provides pain relief since it has a deep surface
  • Durable
  • Eliminates body pressure
  • Best suited for a patient suffering from sore spots
  • Adjustable air cells
  • The 3’’ deep immersion makes it the best mattress for a patient with sensitive skin or body pain.

Med Aire alternating pressure pump with pad system
The mattress is made of sturdy gauge vinyl for lifelong sturdiness and measures 78”x36”x2.5”. Its arrangement comprises 130 separately inflatable cells, which can be inflated or deflated at five-minute breaks. It makes sure that extra pressure is at no time placed on any part of the body. The main advantages of this mattress type include:

  • Bubble pads, which give outstanding healing treatment
  • Comfort
  • Value for cost

Choosing the right air mattress for a patient is a vital health decision as it assures the patient a good night’s rest.