Top 5 expensive mobile home parks that spell “magnificence”

Top 5 expensive mobile home parks that spell “magnificence”

Everybody loves a sprawling apartment and an upscale society to live in. Comfort and elegance is what people usually look for when they are house-hunting. And, if you suggest someone to rent a mobile home in a mobile home park, the suggestion would seem atrocious. The reason for such a harsh reaction is the stigma attached to living in a mobile home. It is often believed that those who rent mobile home do not belong to the same strata that the ones with apartments belong to.

Here’s to bursting myths and stating facts! Eons of misconceptions receive a huge blow, when they witness the most expensive mobile home parks that are spread across the American terrain. So, if you wish to rent mobile homes and can bear the mobile home rent in these areas, one of the following places can be the location of your next home.

Paradise Cove, Malibu- If you have conjured an image of a mobile home park in your mind, chuck it! Paradise Cove, in Malibu, is nowhere similar to the traditional mobile home park. Overlooking the massive and serene Pacific Ocean, this mobile home park can be considered to be the home of the elite masses. You can rent a mobile home here, but at a great price.

Capistrano Shores, San Clemente- Again, you are looking at a mobile home park that does not adhere to anything regarding the traditional mobile home parks. Imagine getting up in the morning to the scenic view that the ocean has to offer you! But, again, if you wish to rent a mobile home in this area for even a week, that would cost your lots of money.

Smuggler Park, Colorado- The name might seem somewhat shady but this mobile home park is anything but shady! In fact, it is popularly known as the “million-dollar mobile park.” It is a home to spectacular mobile homes that would give any apartment a run for their money.

Montauk Shores, New York- Once a common campsite for seaside wayfarers, Montauk Shores has become an upscale mobile home park for elite members of the society. You might fall in love with the retro-modern style which these mobile homes are crafted in, but to rent a mobile home in this area, you would have to bid adieu to lots of money.

Harbor Cove, Florida- Situated at a comfortable distance of several restaurants, shops, and surrounded by amiable people, Harbor Cove is the perfect place for someone who wishes to rent a mobile home at a convenient place.

These sprawling mobile homes stand in strong contrast to the perceived image of mobile home parks and easily disbands any myth about the status of those living in mobile homes.