Storage ideas for tricky spaces

Storage ideas for tricky spaces

Every home in fact every room in the house has its own designing challenges regarding storage. The living room will also befuddle us with questions like Where on earth shall I put the sofa? or Where shall I install the cabinet?. However, it is the tricky corners, nooks and spaces that leave us scratching our heads. Some of the only ways to make the space look spacious is by planning for arrangement and storage in the correct way. Let’s try to figure out some tricky storage ideas that will save more space in the living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens:

Odd living rooms and narrow, long spaces are always tricky to decorate. If the hall is longer and a bit narrow (connecting space between one room and another). then give it a rustic look by installing a wooden floor and transforming the whole side of one wall into an an art gallery. Sleek and simple should be the prime objective, so go in for black and white frames or a quirky, modern gallery with diverse, colorful artwork which will make the space appear distinctive. Finish it off by installing some splendid wall-mounted lights.

If it is a long hall in a small home, installing floating cabinets would add an extra charm. If the cabinets are measured carefully for the narrow wall it will deliver ample of space for storage without compromising on carpet and walking around space.

To eat in an open kitchen becomes a challenge if it’s a square or rectangular table. Instead, installing a curved or rounded table would fit better in a small kitchen. Adjusting the table towards the wall will also give the impression of a bigger space, as well as save carpet and moving around area.

If your house features an older design where the living room is huge and has multiple doors, windows, fireplace, etc., it could get a little difficult to arrange furniture. Arranging rugs and furniture in symmetry will counteract the disarray of the doors and windows, as well allow for space for storage cabinets, etc.

The space under the stairs is probably the trickiest space of them all. However, you can get custom shelves, cabinets, etc. built in, or even place a small, cozy daybed with throw pillows to make an additional sleeping space.

Consulting a professional interior designer can fetch you and your house even more ideas for tackling with tricky storage spaces.