Match slipcovers with every need and occasion

Match slipcovers with every need and occasion

Add a touch of class and elegance to your couches, chairs, and ottomans with versatile slipcovers. Explore the furnishing market online and pick some bold print or solid colors to give the desired look to your home. No matter what kind of sofa you have, covering it with a slipcover will definitely give it an added advantage.
Currently, the market offers three types of alternatives: you can choose ready-made, semi-custom, and custom slipcovers. The price of slipcovers varies naturally, depending on the quality, style, color, and pattern. Custom slipcovers are more costly, as they are customized with expensive fabrics and trimmed and tailored to meet your special requirement.

How to meet your exact need
Neutral rooms: Neutral or light-hued walls can be beautifully contrasted with bright slipcovers in red, blue, green, yellow, and many more options. Pick jazzy patterns if the rest of the decor is simple.

Colorful rooms: If your walls are in a dark or bold hue, then choose light-colored or neutral slipcovers to balance and create contrast. Keep prints simple.

Regular use: For everyday usage, a sturdy material like denim, thick cotton, canvas, or gingham work best. They can bear a lot of wear and tear and are easy to maintain as well.

Special occasions: If you need slipcovers for parties or special days like anniversaries or birthdays, then silks, satin, and velvet will be a great choice. These are ideal for short term use and can make any room look luxurious instantly.

Kids or pets in the house: Choose simple slipcovers in robust materials and dark hues, so that stains and dirt don’t show easily. Avoid embroidered work or embellishments, since they will surely come off in a day or two.

Odd-shaped furniture: Consult a furnishing outlet, so that a professional can help you with customized options.

Limited budget: Don’t wish to spend a ton on slipcovers? Keep an eye out for discounts offered by online furnishing retailers. Compare prices before actually buying slipcovers from a physical or online store.

Some challenges
Finding a ready-made slipcover that fits well on the chair or couch is not an easy task. A loose-fitting slipcover is something you would never wish to have for your furniture. Choosing the right fabric and fit can be a challenging task too. Ready-made slipcovers are designed for standard furniture size. So if your furniture is under or over that size, you might find it hard to put on and take off the cover for laundry and it will give a sloppy look to your furniture as well. So shop carefully, compare the various options, and take the advice of the expert to choose the right cover for your furniture.