Maintenance Tips for Maytag Washer Dryer Bundles

Maintenance Tips for Maytag Washer Dryer Bundles

Washers and dryers are something that every homeowner needs to have in their house. Though these appliances ease the task of cleaning and drying clothes, most homeowners often neglect the maintenance of these devices. Just purchasing appliances from a reliable brand does not assure you of longevity. To make your device last longer, you need to take proper care of it. You should give special care to the maintenance of a Maytag washer dryer bundle, as with little care, these devices can last for years without giving you any scope to complain. If you are new to washers or dryers, you can follow some simple maintenance tips listed below:

Overload protection
Whether it is the washer or the dryer, you should not squeeze in excess cloths. Always remember, each machine has a capacity of its own and loading extra garments can hamper its normal functioning. Though most of the washers and dryers are now available with overload protection, still it is better to be careful while using them. Overloaded washers will not only affect the cleaning process but also will start showing mechanical problems within a short span of time. So, use your Maytag washer dryer bundle wisely.

Be careful about the lint
Not just overloading, lint too, can disrupt the normal functioning of your dryer. So, clean the lint filter after you finish drying your clothes. It is also better to clean your Maytag washer dryer bundle from the back as some lint may get stuck on the filters or hose of the device. As lint deposition can be detrimental for the engine of your dryer, it will be better for you to get the appliance cleansed professionally at least once a year.

Detergent and softeners are important
When you are spending thousands of dollars on a large capacity gas dryer with refresh cycle with steam and power dry system or investing a lump sum on front load washer with fresh hold option and power wash system, it is expected that you will use the right kind of products in it. Many people often end up damaging their washers by using low-quality detergents or dryers by using inappropriate softeners. Do not be one of them. Use the recommended products for your Maytag washer dryer bundle so that it can function in a hassle-free manner.

Clean the filters
The filters on Maytag washer-dryer bundles are provided to protect the engine from any kind of lint or fiber accumulation. However, the filters should be checked and cleaned at regular intervals of time or else it may not be able to provide the desired protection, and your engine may get damaged.

Do not ignore any problem
Many times, people ignore minor problems with their Maytag washer and dryer bundle and end up compromising this device. Do not be among them. Contact a professional in case of any problem with the device and get it repaired immediately.

Consider the exteriors
Taking care of your washer and dryer’s interior is important. However, you should also not forget about the exterior. Consider cleaning the exterior of the appliances once in a month, so that it can retain its shine for a longer period of time. Maytag washer-dryer bundles are available in white and metallic slate color. Therefore, if you do not clean the exteriors, it will lose its shine within a few months. Not only that but the exteriors can also get damaged because of inadequate care, and you may have to pay for a new machine. Apart from cleaning, you can also consider getting a cover to prevent any dust from settling on the exterior of your washer or dryer.

Be careful with the functioning of your washer and dryer. To be on the safer side, it is always recommended to listen to the sound of the device, and call a professional in case you hear any unusual sounds. If you need to change any parts of the device, make sure to get authentic Maytag parts.