How well do you know your G-Shock?

How well do you know your G-Shock?

G-shock is a famous brand favored sportspeople and outdoorsmen and here’re are a few compelling reasons why.

It is from the house of Casio
Launched in the year 1983 by the Japanese brand, Casio, G-shock watches come with solid features. Back in the ’80s, the brand had launched its first model which is still a classic runner in the world of watches. Japan is known for its master inventions, and the best brands coming from the country include G-shock.

Tough body
Yes. G-shock watches are the toughest wrist accessories. It is shock-resistant and can survive shocks of all kinds. No wonder those who are into sports have this watch on their wrists. Throw it down from the building or dip it into the water, it will last you for years together. People who constantly travel and trek around the world also love this watch for its amazing body. A resin strap and a mineral glass make it even more appealing. Reviewers around the world have tried many experiments with this watch, and they have all recommended it for its strong body.

Great battery life
This one is not so obvious, as G-shock watches have many features. This should ideally take down its battery life, but unlike common notions, the watch has an amazing battery life. Its solar battery makes it environment-friendly as well. A G-shock watch can last you nearly 10 years, which is more than you can ask for!

Top notch features
Be it GPS, bluetooth, alarm, compass, world clock, thermometer, temperature, LED light, etc. G-shock watches have the best features one can ask for. Because of these amazing features, men like it even more, because almost all men like to invest in timeless pieces that can offer the most advanced technology and can be used worn everywhere. So, if you’re playing in the mud, swimming, surfing, climbing the mountains do whatever you like, and be assured that this wrist accessory will survive with you!

Comparatively less costly
Given its mind blowing features, G-shock watches come in the affordable price category. As compared to other watch brands that offer only 10% of the features that are in this watch and price that can be double from G-shock, this one is an ideal pick. What’s more, given its tough body and brilliant features, you know you’ll never need to repair it unlike other delicate watches. Great for rugged use and easy on the pocket.