Prevention tips for teens – HIV/AIDS

Prevention tips for teens – HIV/AIDS

When your teen is growing up, there is so much you want to warn him about. HIV/AIDS is one of the concerns parents usually have. The body’s immune system gets weaker when one gets HIV since the immune system is what helps you fight infections and diseases. However, when it does, it can lead to AIDS, and it is fatal. Communicating with your teenager regarding this condition is crucial. Here’s how.

Start the topic
Now, you know that your kid is growing up. But this shouldn’t wait. You must select a good day and talk about it to your teenager. Explain the basics of HIV/AIDS and how it spreads. Talk about how the disease can ruin her or his life and that this health issue cannot be cured at all. Say no to unsafe sex, whatsoever.

Talk about bad habits
Tell them the risks of getting tattoos, especially if the needle has been used on someone with an HIV infection. This applies to any kind of piercing they get on their bodies. Also, excessive alcohol and other drugs affect the person’s judgment and decision-making skills. This can lead to wrong decisions and HIV infections.

Learn to resist pressure
If you are a parent and your teenager has already indulged in or is thinking about being sexually active, listen to them and help them understand everything about the same. Talk to them about handling peer pressure and how they can refuse to indulge in sexual activities or taking drugs.

Know the facts
As a teen, your child shouldn’t be scared or fear to do things that have no relation to HIV/AIDS. Whether it is holding hands, casual kissing, hugging, going to school with someone who has HIV, playing sports, using public toilets, mosquito bites, donating blood or sharing utensils/eating together, these are things that don’t infect you.

As a parent, it’s important that you warn your kid on time so that they remain free of this deadly infection.