Different kinds of landscape designs

Different kinds of landscape designs

Gardens play an essential role in the aesthetics of a home. Therefore, mesmerizing landscape designs are necessary in order to maintain a vibe and personality of the residence. There are multiple kinds of landscape designs, and it is crucial to know them well, with a view to understand, which one suits you the best. The following are some popular types of landscape designs that you can consider for your outdoor space.

Even though this style of gardening is not usually found in the country due to its eminent traditional Japanese motifs, it is increasingly gaining popularity. However, you must be careful while incorporating these, as its look could clash with the modern appearance of your home. So try and attempt a minimalistic Japanese inclusion in your garden.

As the name suggests, the cottage garden was mostly used for rustic settings such as farms with few flowers growing along with crops. However, with the advent of time, its appearance has changed, and it has emerged with a new approach. While cottage gardens still do make room for crops, more space for flowers has been organized, making it one of the ideal landscape designs for home gardens.

A breezy and almost tropical vibe is added in landscape designs with the help of Mediterranean gardens. The atmosphere is heavily influenced by different types of exotic plants. These gardens have plants like palm trees of new kinds, which are more suited to the climate in the West, making this adapted version a perfect fit for any garden in the country.

Gardens of this sort are extremely well-planned and systematic. Geometry and straight lines determine the basic layout of the garden. The plants are regularly trimmed in order to maintain a particular pattern, thus creating a symmetrical design that is pleasing to the eyes. While these gardens are excellent and great to look at, it should be kept in mind that formal gardens do require a lot of maintenance.

Now that you have an idea of the different landscape designs select the one in accordance with your individual preference and give your garden a new look.