5 smart bathroom hacks to try

5 smart bathroom hacks to try

5 smart bathroom hacks to try

Your bath space speaks a lot about you and your way of living. That’s why you cannot let clutter rule here. Also, most of us love to take a relaxing dip or shower to rejuvenate ourselves at the end of a hectic day. Which is why, if you have an elegant bath area, it can always work in your favor. Although not all bathroom spaces are huge, but you can still experiment with certain hacks which will let you decorate your bathroom with ease and allow you to use it

Tub cum shower
For bathrooms that are to be shared by two or more people, you will require a space that will hold essentials comfortably, separate areas for the sink, bathing, and the WC unit. In such case, you can smartly plan the layout. Instead of having a separate bathtub and a shower, go for a shower built right on top of the bathtub.

Glass partitions
Instead of separating your shower and sink with a wall, go for a glass partition instead. This will not only make the bathroom appear more spacious but also make it look classier.

Install shelves
You can install shelves on the wall next to the sink to keep your products instead of cluttering them on the counter or the sink itself.

Coat hooks instead of towel rods
Using coat hooks to hang your towels instead of using rods, takes up lesser space. Five hooks can use the area you would be using for one rod. Try and use these hooks behind the doors to keep your walls organized.

Extra shower curtain rod
Adding an extra shower curtain rod at the opposite side can make room for more toiletries that you can hang from that rod in several baskets or toiletry bags.

With these user-friendly hacks, you can get the most out of storage and other functions in your bathroom even as you create a good looking space. While you are at it, do not forget to pay attention to the lighting as well as the quality of the materials used.