4 best network cards for high-speed internet

4 best network cards for high-speed internet

Network cards, also known as network interface cards (NIC), help you connect your computer to the internet over both wireless or wired networks. The card also ensures seamless communication between devices connected via LAN (local area network) and large-scale networks via Internet Protocol. Here, we will talk about some of the best network card brands on the market.

TP-LINK is one of the best network card brands, and this card from the company is feature-packed. Its durable dual-band N900 PCI adapter can easily fit in most computers, eliminating any disturbance and making your connection more stable. It comes with a low-profile bracket and has three inbuilt antennas. Besides, its plug-and-use design further makes it a preferred choice. The card comes with a two-year warranty and will cost you around $59.

Asus PCE – AC88 AC3100
Besides gaming laptops and desktop computers, Asus is also known for its top-class network cards. Its PCE – AC88 AC3100 offers spectacular speeds for online gaming. It supports MU-MIMO technology and comes with a custom heatsink that keeps the temperature under control even after a long deployment. All individual antennas are capable of connecting directly to your PCle card. You can get this network card for approximately $100 on Amazon.

Intel PWLA8391GT PRO-1000
At $29.99, this is one of Intel’s best network cards. It is highly durable, and its low-profile design makes it compatible with most computers. Besides rendering high internet speed, it enhances the performance of your computer. The installation is pretty simple, and the device’s plug-and-use functionality makes it a hit among users at all levels.

EDUP WiFi 6 Card AX
This card comes packed with WiFi 6 and an Intel AX200 chip. These features, clubbed with dual-band high speed, give you brilliant coverage for every connected device. This card also dissipates heat efficiently, preventing any overheating issues and keeping your computer safe. What’s more? The device is Bluetooth compatible.

It goes without saying that if you use the internet for high-intensive activities, such as streaming 4K content or playing online games with high graphics, you will need a good network card brand. Besides, you do not want to be stuck up with your work while on a slow connection. These were the best brands you can consider to solve any issues related to network or connectivity. They offer you high speed, multiple antennas, and many other reliable features that make them the best in the market.